Excited to meet yo many times , cried to part many times , i believed love is painful and doesn’t last forever . There’s always an end of love , i made you cry saying words that i didn’t mean , i hurt you like a fool n now i know , i can’t live without you . Even though i don’t deserve you . Can i love you ? , can i hold you ? . It’s not a waste to give you everything i have , i realized it is love for the first time .You are the one i love more than my self . Now i don’t want to lose you . Now i don’t think i can love someone else .All those tears i shed through pain , that is a practice for seeing you….

Love is a good medicine but this medicine has a side effect that is what you call pain....
Isn't it weird, when the only thing I can think about is you ?
When every time I close my eyes, I see you 
When everything I do and everyone I see, reminds me of you 
Isn't it weird when I can't get you out of my head
When I can't stop having flashback's about what happened on that day
Or, about the fact that I'm falling for you, and you don't even like me